About Each Extension

About Each Extension


A natural extension without any resin or glue, a few strands of extension hair are attached at a time using a small link - the Micro link - which is clamped to tightly hold the extension hair to the natural hair.


People that enjoy the free-flowing effect delivered by attaching a few extension strands at a time may find the Linking suitable. Also those that have come across Thermal Bonding but are not comfortable with the idea of glue or resin seals, will find that the linking is a superb 'Green' alternative that offers the same results.
The linking method is suitable for all

The Process

A few strands of extension hair along with the client's natural hair is crocheted through the link using a small latch-hook .The Link is then closed flat using a 'connector/disconnector', sealing the extension and natural hair together.

The Links are compact and flat and are usually a colour that matches the hair too (i.e. Brown rings would be used to attach brown hair to keep the extension connection as hidden & unnoticeable as possible). They lie flat and can be less bulky than some thermal resin bonds. Links come in up to five sizes. Normally a medium size ring is used on 'normal' hair. Thicker hair may use large size links. Smaller links may be used closer to the hair line or fringe or on thinner hair.

Linking, will last 4 months, extensions after care at around 12-16 weeks

It is important to get your Micro links removed by a qualified technician as trying to pull them out yourself can cause hair breakage. Proper removal is very quick, easy and leaves no damage to your own hair.


Sew-on-Weaving is used to add volume and length without the use of any resin. The attachment is unnoticeable as hair wefts are sewn onto the natural hair which is braided underneath and cannot be seen. Weaving is a safe technique that does no damage to the client's own hair, instead protecting it and allowing natural hair growth to continue. Weaves can be worn for up to three months.

The Process

Prior to attaching extensions the natural hair is washed clean and blow-dried with cool air.
The base for attaching weaves is formed by braiding the natural hair into cornrows that sit flat on the scalp. The technician may add fibre to your braids to make them more durable. Wefts of hair are then sewn onto the natural hair, not touching the scalp, with special extension needles and thread. It is recommended that clients return to their salon to have their weave tightened every four weeks and that extensions are removed around eight to twelve weeks after first application

Micro Strands, often referred to as 'micro-bonding', is a popular method of applying extension hair to clients of European or Caucasian origin. It can be used to add highlight strands, increase volume and length.

The benefits of bonding are that it allows clients to run their fingers straight through giving an effect of 'free flowing' hair. Micro Bonding is considered suitable for most hair types excluding extremely thick, course or brittle hair.

Suitability Bonding may be considered unsuitable by your technician if your hair is over-processed through chemical treatments such as bleaching, perms or relaxing/straightening, all of which can make the hair brittle, or if it has been damaged due to medical problems.

An initial consultation will determine which length of hair to go for and how much you will need depending on your requirements - whether this be to add volume, create highlights or lowlights, or to add length.

The Process

This method attaches a few strands of hair at a time to the natural hair, close to the scalp but not touching it, using a special hot resin formula.

Prior to attaching any extensions, regardless of which method in used, the client's hair is shampooed, lightly conditioned at the ends and blow-dried with cool air.

Particularly for Thermal Bonding, there should be no traces of oils, moisturisers, gel or mousses on the hair, as this will soften the resin sealant that is used to attach extensions and will cause the seals to break.

Clip in hair extensions are the safest way to add length, volume, or color without causing damage to your own hair - a great alternative to permanent extensions. Choose from a multitude of colors and lengths, available in 100% Human Hair and synthetic fibers. These extensions are the most simple and easy way to beautiful hair!

Hair loss
Designing and producing a nonsurgical hair system – a hair replacement solution – takes skill and artistry. It has to be perfect in order to blend in with a client's existing hair. An entirely separate level of creative artistry comes into play when the hair system is “cut in”, meaning when the hair systems is adhered to the client's head. The hair system is adhered by either liquid adhesive or tape adhesive or clips.
It is then up to the talented and creative stylist attach it to the client's head and to style the hair system so that it perfectly blends in with the client's existing hair. At this point, it makes little difference how good a hair system is produced and to what specifications if this last step isn't done correctly. We have mastered all steps of nonsurgical hair replacement in order to replace the hair exactly as it was on your head before you lost your hair in over 25years expertise.